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Custom Designed Living Walls, Vertical Gardens and
Chef's EcoWall Gardens

An opportunity to connect with nature in unexpected places. Our goal is focused on creating vibrant and stunning Real Living Walls, ensuring long term viability with a successful maintenance strategy.

Not all living walls and vertical gardens are created the same. It is critical to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each system to make the best choice for each setting. Real Living Walls are offered with design services, research, continued guidance and maintenance from a network of horticulturists, fabricators, scientists and design professionals.

As architects of vertical landscapes and interior plantscapes, we use nature as our inspiration. Our design philosophy stems from the ever growing interest in Biophilia, allowing nature to show us valuable techniques in plant adaptations, ecology and sustainability.

Why Us?

Having years of experience in the traditional landscaping business, our full-service firm is invested in providing discerning clients with a sustainable approach to living architecture so that they can experience the aesthetic and environmental benefits interior living walls offer for years to come.

We continually research the best options available in the marketplace to bring only the best products from a sustainable, beautiful and useful perspective. Combining plant design with creating, growing, installing and maintaining living walls is a specialized service that requires a high level of understanding, care and experience with a vertical landscape canvas.

chefs ecowall

Chef's EcoWall Garden

We Offer

  • Lush, green, free-standing structures for commercial, educational, medical and hospitality settings.
  • Colorful, flowering, vertical gardens for private homes, schools, estates, and executive offices.
  • Fresh, PURELY PLANTED, Chef's Ecowall Gardens, provide organic herbs and produce for private homes, country clubs, catering services and restaurants.